Curvway - Pierre Marabese

Pierre Marabese

"I am passionate about board riding and sports in general: ski, snowboard, mountainbike, motorbike, wakeboard, climbing, squash, etc. I have also become very involved in innovation and design.

8 years ago, missing the snowboard sensations that I could only experience a few weeks a year, I undertook a new innovative project and built a vehicle providing

the snowboard carving sensations on the road.

I realised during my outings with my new board that I was not an isolated case and that my invention met the demand of a great number of individuals as passionate as I was.

I resigned as an engineer in the aeronautic sector to dedicate my time to the CURVWAY adventure."

From Genesys to Prototype

To design a new product it is essential to make prototypes in order to test the technical and market feasibility.
The more complex the product is, the longer the iteration process takes. You have to design, test, improve and start over.

Pierre fell in love with snowboarding 20 years ago, but... he was living near Montpellier and therefore had difficult access to the mountains. His practice was restricted to a few weeks a year. Obviously that wasn't enough...

The first prototype of an all-terrain snowboard was born. It was a monster but the carving feeling was already there. The prototypes followed one another. Not all of them were successful but as he often says:
"a prototype is not made to work but to define what needs to be improved".

When the right moment came, Pierre left Airbus to focus on developing the project and industrializing the solution.

Have you ever surf a road? What if we tell you it's possible...